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Introduction :

Quikanou has created the "", a purpose-built website; carefully designed to represent a modern regional market in a virtual setting. is allowing vendors, businesses, and customers to trade in goods and services, in a robust and secure environment. We are continually seeking established vendors for our site. will function as the premier channel through which the Caribbean and Latin American people and their businesses can accomplish their business and socio-economic goals. The company is focused on its core business purposes: facilitating trade at the international and regional levels, transmission of remittances, and the provision of an avenue for financial investment in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Our website is dedicated to facilitating the requirement of those we serve. Visitors to will be granted unrestricted access to the region through our website which erodes boundaries of space and time. Security, efficiency andconvenience, were paramount in creating Quikanou’s website.

Background :

QUIKANOU INC. was born out of a vision of a united Caribbean and Latin American community, and is propelled by the desire to promote and facilitate robust and cost-efficient trade in goods and services that help to empower regional business.

Quikanou will trade goods and services across the Latin American and Caribbean region and the Caribbean Diaspora. Quikanou has launched its operations in the English-speaking Caribbean. Services will later be extended to the French, Spanish and Dutch-speaking territories in a phased implementation.

The Company :

QUIKANOU INC, is a privately held corporation in the United States with its administrative facility in Brooklyn, New York. Quikanou’s board of directors and management team are comprised of career professionals committed to using their skills and experience to make this venture a success. Additionally, the management team’s regional origin provides Quikanou with a unique understanding of the needs and desires of the region and its’ and Diaspora.

Our Philosophy :

Our greatest premium is our satisfied customers.

Our Mission :

Quikanou's mission is to harness the resources and creativity of the Caribbean and Latin America and make it readily accessible to existing and emerging markets. Quikanou will exist to meet the requirements of our community. It is our strong belief that an adherence to this maxim will help to ensure a profitable and successful establishment.

Our Objectives :
Quikanou’s objectives are to:

Position and secure as the principalregion’s market place

Provide a highly effective, secure and structured ecommerce space for buyers and sellers

Create an extensive and in-depth database of regional business, products and services.

Capitalize on the increasing interest in cultures of our region.

Foster product and service awareness within the Caribbean and Latin American region and Diaspora.

Facilitate and promote trade among Caribbean and Latin American nations.

Facilitate the needs and interests of Caribbean and Latin American peoples.

Products and Services :

Quikanou Inc offers two (2) categories of products and services, namely Drop-shipment Commodities, Services and Information. The following are the key products and services which are offered.

Ecommerce (from suppliers across the region) :


Digital media

Electronic and appliances

Health and Beauty

Hardware and Household

Automotive part and accessories

Wholesale for our B2B suppliers

Spa Services

Restaurant Services

Application Development, Web Development, Turnkey Solutions

Information Technology Consulting, Engineering and contractual service

SAAS- Software as A Service

Commitment to excellent service :

As part of its commitment to excellent service Quikanou will only continue a business relationship with vendors who adhere to this same commitment. Quikanou’s goals are to ensure both customer satisfaction and customer retention. Therefore,Quikanou will consistently offer buyers incentives to promote satisfaction and to encourage repeat business. Sellers are strongly encouraged to both initiate and participate in these promotions. However, when a vendors’ consistently poor performance directlyaffects customer retention, any costs Quikanou incurs in ensuring customer satisfaction on such occasions, will be passed on to vendor after notification. Sellers must adhere to the commitment of all sales and services, which includes delivery commitment, price, discount, condition.

Benefits to regional businesses :
Exposure to Millions of New Customers : The US census estimates there are four million migrants of Caribbean origin legally residing in the United State. The UK is home to some one million Caribbean peoples, with the overall EU and Asian numbers steadily increasing due to changes in socio-economic push-pull factors.
Exposure to Million in Foreign Currencies : The high number of immigrants residing in developed countries such as the United States equates to greater remittances by this group. Currently, remittances to the Caribbean and Latin America from the United States reached $400 Billion. That number is expected to increase substantially in the coming years.
24 Hours Business Operation : Visitors can access Quikanou’s secured website 24 hours per day, 7 days per week 52 weeks per year from the comfort of homes, offices, or wherever they choose to access the site from. will always be there to facilitate customer needs.
Limited Risk Business Development and Ease of Transaction Processing : Quikanou will present businesses with a new commercial avenue via the internet without the worry of creating and maintaining the necessary infrastructure

Exposure without Limited advertising – Individual businesses are encouraged to engage in their own marketing strategies, but Quikanou does not require it. Quikanou will continually market via various marketing sources throughout the world.

Web presence without cost association and additional administrative overhead - Businesses will not have the worry of managing and maintaining an IT infrastructure nor a website- the staff at is charged with those responsibilities

Benefits to the region includes :
Promoting Caribbean and Latin American Goods and Services : The region. However, very little is known about most of these products outside the country of origin or the region. With customer and vendors participation, will showcase all regional creations to the world.
The region’s One-Stop Shop : is the Region’s Market Place. The Virtual One-Stop-Shop that the world can access.
Contributing to regional economic growth : In recent years, remittances has played an increasingly important role in the lives of Caribbean and Latin American peoples. Quikanou’s cutting-edge technological platform easily facilitates transfer of remittances to the region to support family members, thus increasing their spending power.
Additional revenue stream : Quikanou provides the opportunity for its business partners to realize a new revenue stream. One that has remained hitherto untapped, that is people in the Diaspora. Using Quikanou’s secure Internet platform, sellers market size and revenue stream are significantly increased.
Strategic Positioning : The Journal of Business Research noted that "The Internet has become the most desired shopping tool for a significant number of people, and as such, a growing proportion of families' are more likely to shop online than go to the stores. Sellers aligning them selves with Quikanou will have a strategic advantage over their competitors as they will be positioning themselves to take advantage of the billion-dollar industry of Internet shopping.