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I love the concept and the market opportunity available to us through Quikanou.com. This allows us to take our range of Face Place products across Jamaica and overseas. Now when persons think of FacePlace, they can extend our beautiful Spa experience by having our range of beauty products delivered right to their door.
We see this as a necessary and fitting extension of our vision for Rapid True Value in Jamaica. Now we are able to address our market 24 hrs and they can interact with our brands at any one of our stores, on their time. We are able to serve persons in the Diaspora wishing to make a purchase for loved ones at home, and we offer the convenience of delivery or in-store pick up to persons in Jamaica
We love it when patrons come into our restaurant. Now with Quikanou.com, they can always connect with Pier One to get a gift card, pre-book a table or order a special bottle for a celebration The amazing thing for us was how easy it was to get online with Quikanou. They literally did everything for me and the store was online in weeks.
From our first conversation with the Quikanou team, we saw the potential that this offered to extend our business. We are pleased to be part of the Fresh Food Market with CB Meats, Chippenham Eggs and Bad Dawg Sausages, and huge for us is that our Big Feed Store by Nutramix is online and now allows farmers in Jamaica their relatives in the Diaspora to purchase online.
At SuperMed, all 9 of our locations are on Quikanou.com. This is great for us as the online access gives persons, not only the ability to buy from us, beyond this they can choose exactly which store is most convenient to them. We see ecommerce, as a very necessary step to maintain contact and relevance to our customers and Quikanou will be great for that.
KIMBERLY WILLIAMS - Operations Manager.
Our plans for expanding the reach of our services have been helped by our partnership with Quikanou.com. Now persons can pre pay for services online, and even do gift cards for laundry. We think its great and that our customers will love the convenience of being able to access all of our locations online.
Brian RIBBIE Chung
Taking our business online was a logical next step for us. We already bring a lot of customers through our door with social media, especially Instagram, Now we can round this out and persons cannot only see what¹s happening at Ribbiz, now they can buy a gift card, or pre-order their favorite bottle of wine or rum at Ribbiz at Quikanou.com
We serve a lot of persons who work in New Kingston or are about to travel across the country. A lot of my customers are familiar with our menu and already know what they want. Quikanou allows the Muffin Top consumers to order online and we simply deliver it to them of have it waiting for them before they get on the bus.
Finally its here!

A market place to take the Caribbean to the world Quikanou allows the world to Shop the Caribbean Any Island, Any Town, Any Store

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