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is a Portmanteau of Quick and Canoe.
Quik is the speed embedded in the dna of our region, our sprinters, our fast bowlers, our energy.
Kanou comes from the Amerindian word Kanawa or Kanoo this was the first vessel of intra-regional trade used in the America.
With roots on the shores of the Caribbean and Kolkata, the sun, sea and sand hold much significance to us.
Our vision is for Quikanou to operate like a trading vessel; filled with a variety of delightful goods and services that can be accessed anytime, and everywhere.
Our Founders
Gilbert ‘Bert’ Williams CEO
Bert has a wealth of experience in the field of ICT, Project Management, Small Business Development and has worked on numerous projects for the City of New York.
Anup Ghosh CTO
Anup is a software engineer from Kolkata.He loves the outdoors and enjoys cooking up delights in the kitchen. Anup has been delivering great work for the past 16 years for companies across India.
The Quikanou timeline
Our value
Our standards


We understand your time is important to you. We are fast because we understand you want to shop and receive your goods in a timely manner. We respond quickly to meet the needs of our customers and consumers.


We value your business! We value you! We listen, solve and serve with efficiency, professionalism and due care



You love the power of choice. We must deliver thousands of choices. Choose what you want, be happy!



We here to make it better. We are dependable. We are committed



Make every day better than the one before. It’s that simple.

Public Policy
The Purpose